Strengthen your IMMUNITY...

Fresh Foods with its beneficial nutrients,
and correct Lifestyle Habits will make YOU stronger!

Optimum Immunity is needed to get through winter. The POWER of FOOD cannot be underestimated. Vitamin C and Zinc are one of the few nutrients that have a direct beneficial effect on viral infections.
Correct Lifestyle is as important as there's a symbiotic relationship  between them.
Find out how to get the best Immunity for YOU

What you'll get from your consultation
We will go through all your bodily systems. You will get a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, many nutritional recipes to improve immunity and supplementswill be recommended when needed


Having a health problem?

Finding the trigger and decreasing the symptoms by avoiding these triggers through Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle is how we work at Sofie's Fresh Food.  Find out more..


& Retreats

Look out for this as Sofie's Fresh Food teams up regularly with Sally from Berkhamsted Yoga, Hil from A Breath of Fresh Air (Nordic Walking) or JogOn for one day workshops or retreats!


Party with a twist?

Organise your own 'Nutritious-Cooking-Demo' Party up to 15 people! You will learn about Nutrition, have a laugh and eat delicious Fresh Food!

Sofie’s Fresh Food Updates

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