Testimonials: What clients say...

"Sofie helped me tremendously, and I highly recommend her to anyone, who wants to improve their life style or have a specific health issue. For me, I was having trouble sleeping because of menopause and Sofie’s lifestyle and nutrition plan changed that. Now I am sleeping full nights! She is a competent and caring person, easy to talk to and her food taste great. I live in Copenhagen and we had our sessions over zoom, which worked perfect!"


"Looking after the children while working from home has been very challenging for me.  I contacted Sofie (I follow her on instagram) as I needed help with organising and structuring my meals.  I find it really important to eat healthily but I just ran out of inspiration.  Sofie made it so easy for me.  Her weekly meal plans and shopping lists have taken the burden of cooking away.  There are apps on the internet for meal planning and shopping lists but having the personal guidance from Sofie made all the difference.  I feel inspired, excited and re-energised again!  I feel back in control.  Thanks Sofie, I will recommend you to all my friends!!"


"I highly recommend Sofie.  Her knowledge of Nutrition is vast.  As a vegan, I did see a nutritionist many years ago and found them to be very unhelpful and I was a little nervous but Sofie was amazing.  Super friendly, kind and very easy to talk to.  With a few tweaks to my diet and supplements added massive changes have been made.  I feel much less stressed, my brain fog has dissapeared along with aches and pains and I feel myself again.  Ever grateful, huge thanks to you Sofie!!"


"I benefited a lot from my 121 consultation with Sofie. I was feeling extremely tired despite having a pretty good diet. Sofie listened to my concerns and shared my view that something could be done about it. She suggested a few dietary tweaks, gave me recipes and explained the science behind her recommendations in an engaging way that has actually made me stick with it.  Most importantly, I do feel better for it. I would thoroughly recommend her, not least because none of it felt like a massive project or boring lifestyle shift and she makes it light, fun and interesting. Short recipes too - always good!"


"Last year I suffered badly of menopausal symptoms including insomnia, lack of energy and anxiety.  I sat down with Sofie and she explained in detail how the changes in my hormones (not just Oestrogen but also Insulin and Cortisol) were mainly responsible for this.  We went through my diet and I surprised myself how much room there was for improvement.  I always considered myself very healthy as I’m slim and quite sporty.  I started to feel so much better after following the Nutrition and Lifestyle plan for 3 to 4 weeks.  I feel like a different person now and can’t thank Sofie enough."


"I've had constipation for as far as I can remember. I was told by a friend to go and see Sofie. We sat down together and Sofie questioned me about my health, diet and lifestyle into detail. She recommended a very strict diet which I promised to follow for 6 weeks. I told her: "I will go back to my old diet if I don't see any improvements." Two weeks later, my constipation was totally gone, even better, I produce 10x more stool than ever before. I can't understand where it all comes from!"


"Suddenly in the last 2 years I started to put on weight.  I also suffered from hot flushes and low energy.  I used to go to Sofie's cooking demos and always liked her straight talking approach.  She gave me a lot of confidence and I started cooking all her delicious recipes. I've been to see her on a monthly basis.  I lost most of my weight, have much more energy and feel much better about myself."


"My sister and I are at different points in our menopausal journey and Sofie managed to cover all key aspects of diet and lifestyle for us both during our Zoom consultation.

Sofie explained the impact of  diet, sleep and water intake on our bodies & hormone levels in a straightforward and clear way, using layman's terms and helping us to understand the changes we need to make to reduce menopausal symptoms.

We had fun and came away inspired and keen to try the delicious looking recipes Sofie suggested. Thanks very much Sofie!"


"At the beginning of lockdown, I suddenly had a massive flare-up of psoriasis for the first time in my life at the age of 48! I was covered from top to bottom.  I was eating a of lot processed food and drinking beer in the evening which probably didn't help.  Sofie was very strict with me.  I followed her Nutritional advice, change my diet immensely, but I'm sure her lifestyle advice, like cold showers and making time for a daily walk (work used to get priority) made a big difference as well.   I'm now totally free of psoriasis.  The GP is very pleased and I am delighted."