Terms and Conditions

1. Prices 

The prices on this website are correct and won't be changed until after the event.  If the price is accidently incorrect, we will contact you and sort out the difference.

2. Booking and Deposit

Your place will only be confirmed if the right deposit has been paid for a particular event.  You will receive an email with confirmation of us receiving the deposit.

3. Availability, postponement or cancellation of an event

All classes, workshops and retreats are subject to availability and booked on first come first served basis.  We reserve the right to postpone or rearrange an event up to three days before it is scheduled to take place as we need at least 6 people to sign up.  We will refund the deposit asap if we postpone or cancel the event.

4. Amendment to booking

If you like to cancel an event then we will give you full refund of the deposit 2 weeks and longer before the event.  You can pass on your attendance to a friend or family without charge.  We won't be able to give you a refund with shorter notice than 2 weeks before the event.

5. We hope you will enjoy your experience and come back soon! 🙂